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The most important event in the days at bluewings is the 'SPICE WALK' . It is a 3-hour informative walk among the wonderful aromatic and medicinal plants along with the hosts. More than 100 specially important spices and medicinal plants are made familiar. One can see and know 160 edible tropical fruiting trees in the garden.

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The power of wildness

I was wetting ‘Morning glory’ lost in the beauty of its flowers as the North East Monsoon is yet to shower . The pond at Blue Wings still holds water though, not full. Suddenly a big ‘Bluum’ I heard and was astonished to see a big Sambur plunged into it. Alas! A real power house, very scared and looking back. Sure; it was being chased by something in the forest. Yes; the fittest to survive. I was aware of the active wild outside but not expected this much. My mobile was not nearby and while managing to get it, heard two, three big splashes more, It crossed the width and jumped out, further into the plane down. So unfortunate to get a snap again. Such realistic events are common here which seems to be magical. But it is truth and truth only. I could get only a fade distant shot not worthy enough to publish.

by admin | Jan 12, 2021

When me at Blue Wings, time passes so easily that I can return home only late. Nature holds me there luring with its toys. Today I was after two wild ducks (Lesser whistling ducks) and their six little ones. What a wonderful care the parent ducks shield over their little souls. They picked up even the tiny moves of me and hided under the aquatic mosses and peeped often to see me gone. I have seen earlier many times that one (probably the father) flies away when much disturbed and the other swims off as if hurt letting the kids to hide. The motherhood so lovely as my Mom also did at the moments of scare. All my efforts to get a snap was in vain.

by admin | Mar 4, 2021
The resurgence of the organic soil

This little paradise gave me lot of distinct snaps today and I am really confused to pick the best, as all of them were so poetic to me. Bunches of Ackee and Syzygium fruits were pendulating in the rainbow cast by peacock, morning glory, xenia, ixora, cosmos and...

by admin | Jun 18, 2021
Cosmopolis Garden

It is a programme in which anybody can plant a tree in the campus crossing the boundaries of Nation, Language, religion, colour and cast. The 10ft X 10 ft space will be named to honour planter and his Nation. By now we have planters from France, Sweden, Italy, UK and Switzerland other than from India. The trees are supposed to be conserved for generations.

by admin | Sep 9, 2022
Tamil Yeoman

(2 Hi, buddies, good to see you all again.i was having a dream about one of the much awaited butterflies namely “Tamil yeoman” last night and the imagery was still haunting me even as the sun rose over into the canopies. I kept the cup of tea waiting and went down...

by admin | Oct 10, 2022
Stories from Blue wings Homestay, Thattekkad

Dear Nature lovers, here on wards, we are to share our experiences at the ‘biodiversity spot at the Blue wings campus. Till now, the day fresh experiences were our own boosting us to do much more. A big batch of teenagers paid a visit last day to our beautiful campus...

by admin | Nov 5, 2022



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